Breeding Services

EE Ranches Stallion Station while designed to be a Five Star Equine breeding facility offering the ultimate in care and services, is a highly functional and well planned environment for the resident stallions and the mares and foals alike.

Resident Stallions

“Quality not Quantity”

Resident Stallions are chosen through a selective screening process which evaluates the stallion based on his pedigree, performance, production records, and breedability.

On-Site Breeding

To Resident Stallions: Full breeding services to Resident Stallions.

To Off-site Stallions: EE Ranches Stallion Station provides the opportunity to receive shipped semen from non-resident stallions.

Your mare can be managed entirely at EE Ranches while she is being bred to one stallion or to multiple stallions.

  • Chute Fee: $650 per mare.
    • Includes all handling of mare and stallion, cost of collection, semen evaluation, and insemination.
  • Initial Breeding Exam: $75.00.
  • All vet charges including palpations are charged additionally.
  • Breeding to Multiple Stallions Chute Fee: $650 per stallion.

Cooled Shipped

EE Ranches Stallion Station will ship cooled semen on Resident Stallions as advertised.
 Charges for shipped semen are:

  • Chute Fee: $650 per mare.
    • Includes 1 shipment of semen for next day delivery.
  • Additional Shipments: $250
  • Courier Fee on Airline Shipments: $200

Frozen Semen

EE Ranches offers the service of freezing stallion semen. Details and costs are available upon request.

Embryo Transfers

EE Ranches offers Embryo Transfer both on-site and off-site. Details and costs are available upon request.

Donor Management Fee: $500
Lease on the Recipient Mare: $2,500
No board or regumate charges until 35 days pregnant.