Mare Care Services

Year Round Mare Care — Our Specialty in Quality and Service

When your equine investment demands the very best in quality and service — turn to the gold standard, EE Ranches Inc. Stallion Station.

Year Round Mare Care Services

Pasture Mare $9 per day
Pasture Mare with Foal $12 per day
Pasture Weanlings $9 per day
Pasture Yearlings $10 per day
Stall Mare $14 per day
Stall Mare with Foal $17 per day
Pasture Recipient Mare $10 per day
Mare Chute Fee $350
Mare Foaling Fee $500
Halter Breaking $300

Seasonal Mare Care Services

Stall Mare $15 per day
Stall Mare with Foal $18 per day

Show Barn Mare

Includes Lights and Exercise $20 per day
Mares with Special Needs $30 per day

Some mares, due to age and/or with special physical and nutritional needs, require a special stalling situation and individualized care. EE Ranches Inc. Stallion Station can provide these valuable mares with individual pasturettes with private stalling, special nutrition, protection from extreme weather conditions and stress, all factors that can negatively affect your mare’s reproductive performance.